Kmovies on Hulu

So, since a friend of mine has recently taken to watching the Kmovies they have on Hulu, she asked me to make a mini rec list for her of the ones I liked… long recs like normal. (And these are in no order at all, just pretty much going through the list like ohhh, liked that one)

Dasepo Naughty Girls- Comedy; High School; Complete and utter ridiculousness.
Silenced- Drama; Tragedy; Complete fucking heartbreak that will ruin your life for a while
Sunny- Comedy; Drama; Teenage ANGST AND FEELS
*Almost Love- Comedy; Drama; Crying and feelings but laughing and hot boys?
Rough Cut- Drama; Action; Gansters and actors oh yeh
The Intimate- Drama; Adult; Nsfw; Porn WITH a plot….kinda.
Five Senses of Eros- Drama; Adult-ish; Song Joongki…..
*The Man From Nowhere- Drama; Action; AHJUSSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Secret Love- Drama; Romance; twins and shit
*Love, In Between- Drama; Romance; Tragedy ):
Speedy Scandal- Comedy; Cute; Ummm……idk, cute ass kid in it.
Outlaw- Tragedy; Action; Revenge, SWEET SWEET FUCKING VENGEANCE
**My Sassy Girl- Comedy; Romance; Angst; Necessary
Secret Reunion- Action; Thriller; Kang Dong Won…..
Traces of Love- Tragedy; Romance; Sad sad sad sad
My Girlfriend is an Agent- Comedy; Romance; Action
*Project Makeover- Comedy; Romance; Ummmm time travel kinda
*Penny Pinchers- Comedy; Romance; Song Joongki…..
Howling- Action; Thriller; Suspense
*Bleak Night- Drama; Tragedy; High School; Complete life ruining shit

22:03 - 115
22:23 - 34
21:51 - 96
15:09 - 100
8:01 - 107
18:14 - 118
22:03 - 17
23:22 - 43
13:41 - 4589
1:29 - 47