5 Korean movies EVERYONE should watch

1. Maundy Thursday

Setting aside that Kang Dong Won is my absolute favorite actor in the world, this movie is stunning, and I have yet to meet one person who has seen it and not fallen head over heels in love with it. It is so heart wrenchingly beautiful.

2. A Moment to Remember

This is the movie that started my obsession with Kmovies. I thought that The Notebook was one of the best love stories I had ever seen (heaven help me), and then I watched this. Forgive the comparison, but it happens a lot because of the plot content. Anyway, I cried for literally 20 minutes after I finished this, and then the second time I watched it (I’ve probably seen it at least 12 times), I cried as soon as it started. I always recommend this because it’s one of my personal favorites.

3. Sunny

I put off watching this movie forever because the description of it was just not appealing to me. Only when my co-admin of this blog told me that I absolutely HAD to watch it, did I buckle and watch it. I fell in absolute love. There’s something so fresh about the plotline that is rare to find. It focuses on friendship and that advance from adolescence into adulthood and all the things that get lost in the process. Needless to say, it’s already made it onto my must watch list, and even though I saw it probably a month ago, I’ve already watched it three times since. I really enjoyed it.

4. My Sassy Girl

I’m trying really hard to put movies that aren’t just tearjerkers (because Korea is amazing at making those T~~T), and I debated really hard with myself about putting this or Windstruck, and eventually went with this one. I can’t express why I liked this movie as much as I did…there’s just something about it that stands out in my mind. The characters were incredible, and any time you have a female lead who isn’t weak and who actually takes control of her life, I’m sold. 

5. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Of course, my absolute favorite movies are the fucked up ones. This is part of a trilogy that includes Oldboy (which as far as my Kmovie knowledge extends, is one of the most widely known Korean movies), but I much preferred this out of the three. The plotline is really touching, and the fade to black version is astounding. It starts in color and you get so caught up in the film and what is happening that it’s 20 minutes til the end when you suddenly realize everything is black and white. That’s how amazing it is. Plus, who doesn’t love a good twisted revenge plot now and then?


These are just my personal recommendations, and maybe our other lovely admin will have different ones and decide to post hers, but these are the movies I always recommend to people when they come to me asking for movies they should watch.

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